The creative workshop without an agency
What does that mean?
Simple. A permanent creative hub, offering ideas for communication in any media.
Its mission is clear: to communicate in a fun way, and have fun doing it.
Freely, flexibly, without the burden of an agency structure.
Because Ideificio is a network that’s all about teamwork: for each project, Ideificio forms
a specific team with all the necessary skills. Then, when the job is done, the team breaks up.
So there’s no dead weight, no clutter and no fixed costs.
It’s all very natural and very simple. Like an idea should be.
Ideificio are Mauro Mercatanti, Vitalia Zucca, Antonio Manca, Francesca Zapelli, Thea Bosso and Paolo Migone (the well-known italian comic with the black eye).
Ideificio was created in 2007 and has grown up fast and strong.
So much so that today it serves a wide variety of clients all by itself
and has no intention of falling into line.